Schedule Marital or Couples Counseling With Casper, Wyoming’s Pros

Schedule Marital or Couples Counseling With Casper, Wyoming’s Pros

Your love story isn’t over yet

You’re tired of arguing each night. You’re dealing with feelings of resentment and bitterness, but your spouse doesn’t seem to recognize your pain. To put it simply, you’re stuck. Break free of relational dysfunction when you schedule marital counseling services in Casper, Wyoming.

Ken Hicks and JoAnne Risser-Hicks both understand the dynamics of conflict and the way marital tension can impact the whole family. Various factors can be putting a strain on your relationship. Maybe divorce was a last resort, but you’re starting to think it’s the only option.

Regardless of your story, call us at 307-265-2555 for more information on our Casper, WY counselors.

3 tips for improved communication with your spouse

Would you consider working at your marriage if you could have a meaningful conversation with your significant other? Consider these pointers for better communication:

  1. Listen actively – don’t formulate your next sarcastic response or argument when your spouse is sharing his or her feelings
  2. Learn each other’s love languages – Ken and JoAnne will explain what a love language is and why it matters
  3. Send “I” messages – explain your point of view instead of lashing out with accusations

It’s possible to fight fairly and work through your issues when you sit down with a licensed marriage counselor. We can work together to rejuvenate your marriage.